Embracing Your Intuition: Development Group by Jessica Boyer
to Aug 22

Embracing Your Intuition: Development Group by Jessica Boyer

Hello friends!

I am excited to be hosting the next workshop series of “Embracing Your Intuition” in August. The first one was in June and it was such a deep and moving experience; we are moving on to a phase 2.

Spirit is calling me to continue groups/classes.  I had been mainly focused on 1:1 readings and then in April, in the time span of about a month, I had five inquiries asking if I would teach intuition/mediumship classes.  

At first, I said "I don't think so".  In my own journey, I have seen that a big part of my growth was to understand that my intuition was already a part of me and I was not supposed to be given an exact formula for how to connect.  So, I never saw myself "teaching".

And yet, when something is repeated multiple times, I do listen!

And, in the listening and connecting with my guides, I saw a new potential.  

I saw a group of intuitive fellows coming together to lift each other up and to practice embracing our own gifts in a safe space.  

I saw how my experience in moving through the stages of acceptance of my gifts could help those of you who remind me so much of myself.  (I had a broad range of feelings and confusion - from denial, fear, excitement, hesitation, amazement and on and on).

I remembered how the single most important piece in showing me that I was actually connecting to spirit (and not crazy!) was having a witness who could confirm for me that I was indeed picking up information.

So, I am saying yes.  Yes to the guidance.  Yes to the next step. Yes to those of you who asked (and thank you, by the way)!

This group will be a safe space where we can see, hear and validate each other.  

This will be a soft space where you can practice connecting to your own guides and loved ones, do it for others (if you wish) and receive validation from me and others that you are indeed highly intuitive!

I'd love for you to join.  

Here are the details:

Embracing Your Intuition

Thursdays (8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22) 7:30-9:30 pm 

Cost:  $250 for four-week series

Location:  My Office (The Right Door at 721 Monterey Blvd, San Francisco)

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up!

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