I am so grateful to my clients who have sent me reviews and who have posted on Yelp (please click here to read all reviews on Yelp): 


"I am a skeptic by nature and a lover of science, but also one of mystery. My mom, best friend, essential person, center of my universe passed away last year and I have been unable to connect with her presence. Enter Jessica- connection made. Answers given, mysteries revealed. It has been a week since our session and there is a noticeable difference in my grief. I can see her spirit, I can rely on her for comfort- I can reach her when I need to. I feel more connected to my mom than I have since she passed. I will definitely be back, I couldn't recommend her more, and honestly, this is the BEST gift I have ever had in my life. It is life altering, comforting, amazing."

-Laura G., Oakland, CA

"First of all, YES. Jessica is 100% legitimate. I'd recently lost my Mother and was stationed permanently in the "avoid your feelings" pool and Jessica brought her front and center. One of the most positive and emotional experiences I've had in my entire life that's allowed me to slowly go inward with full trust that all will heal and there is peace to be had. She's so careful and considerate to remind you that everything is coming from love when the messages you're getting are somewhat heartbreaking because you just want to talk or hug or feel them. She was able to validate several crucial and sometimes quirky things that left me quite literally breathless. Like long pause, me just mouthing words because I couldn't catch my breath between my shock, tears and omg moments. My Spirit Guides has plenty of advice and reassurance to send my way as well in dealing with a not-so-typical family life that proves to be a lifelong challenge. 
If you're looking for any type of connection, whether it be for closure, healing, even curiosity.. Jessica would be my sole recommendation. You're guaranteed a positive, informative and loving experience. She was even so kind to answer questions I had about my own intuition and curiosity regarding her journey. I found my Medium! Thank you so much Jessica."

-Sarah S., Jacksonville, FL

"Oh.  My.  Gosh.  My reading today with Jessica was just perfect.  Though I've always been a believer, I've never gotten a meaningful reading before today.  As the sole survivor from a family of 5, I didn't dare wish for the whole gang to join the party, but that's what happened today.  Dad, Mom, Sis and Bro all checked in and it was magic.  I always knew they were OK but it's still nice to have that confirmed.  And I learned a lot about where they were coming from while alive and what they'd like me to know today.  Thank you Jessica for making your gift accessible to regular folks like me.  Anyone looking for a medium, shop no more.  Jessica's the best."

-Leslie B., San Francisco, CA

"I don't often post on yelp, but if and when I do, its for a very good reason! I had the pleasure of doing a sit down with Jessica and she blew me away. She was so right on about everything. There were things she brought up that she had no way of knowing. I have always been a bit skeptical about these sort of things but Jessica is truly talented and blessed with this gift that she has been given. She has put me at peace with things I was not able to let go of. She is kind, honest and very understanding. I felt at ease the moment we met. She walked me through her whole process so I had an understanding of everything. I would highly recommend her to all my family and friends.."

-Jasmine D., Vallejo CA

"I just had an incredible session with Jessica. I came into this completely open minded. I also had 4 people on my mind that I was hoping to connect with. They all were available and another close friend who died 5 years ago was able to make contact. This is not like the Ouija  board type of stuff from childhood sleepovers. Jessica was general around some things and very specific about others. Particularly when it came to a ring I wore that was my grandfathers (I wasn't wearing it) all the contacts had a theme around my being cared for and held. All referenced the vision of hands. I recorded the session so not to forget.  I'm a believer."

-Paula W., San Francisco CA

"Jessica Boyer has an extraordinary gift. She astounded me when she did a personal reading for me.  I originally consulted with her about a friend of mine who died quite suddenly, but Jessica could not get a reading on this woman.  Instead, she unexpectedly made contact with my partner of 30 years, who was rather insistent that she serve as a conduit for his messages to me.  Jessica's generosity of spirit and her willingness to follow her intuition touched my heart deeply. "

-Carole P., San Francisco CA